Quarterly Strategy and Observations –
4th Quarter 2015

Frustrating is the word we use to describe 2015. Many broad stock indices suffered losses with the exception being large-cap growth stocks. Foreign stocks fared worse, with emerging markets suffering double digit losses for the year. A quick look at the S&P 500® …Read More

Value Investing Poised for a Rebound?

Here at Denver Investments, our mantra is to invest in companies that meet our quality standards and are trading at attractive prices. Our mission statement implies a valuation discipline that was out of favor this year.  The periodic table of investment returns on the …Read More

Two Speed Economy

The U.S. economy continues to expand, but the pace of growth depends upon whether you are looking at the manufacturing or nonmanufacturing sectors. Each month the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) surveys purchasing agents across 18 manufacturing industries and 18 …Read More

All the President’s Cycles

We tend to take the presidential cycle, historic monthly returns, and other mean-reverting market statistics with a grain of salt here at Denver Investments. The problem with these market statistics is that statistically they work, until they don’t.

Historically, …Read More

U.S. Consumers to the Rescue

Global growth has been weak since the Great Recession (2008-2009). Consumer discretionary stocks were one of the bright spots in the 2015 stock market, and for good reason. In past issues we have focused on the health of consumers’ balance sheets as they deleveraged …Read More