Denver Investments is proud to announce that we will join forces with Chicago-based Segall Bryant & Hamill. We will continue to be an employee-owned company and will continue to operate out of our Denver offices. We will be sharing more information with you in the coming months, but feel free to reach out to your portfolio manager to discuss this exciting chapter in our firm’s history.

2017 was the year of the extraordinary. From daily tweets influencing stock prices to continued low market volatility and geopolitical saber rattling, stock markets around the world seemed unfazed and focused on improving profits and economic fundamentals.

Large stocks and growth stocks ruled the roost in the fourth quarter and for the year. Honorable mention goes to international and emerging markets stocks which benefitted from dollar weakness and an upturn in commodity prices. Small-and mid-cap stocks didn’t fare as well as their large-cap brethren, turning in performances in the teens instead of twenty-something percent gains. During the fourth quarter, bond returns were negative, and for the year, they essentially returned coupon income.  

With no shortage of topics to cover this quarter, we dive into the crypto-currency craze, as well as examine stock index composition and highlight some important provisions of the new tax bill.